The power of my life

How would you avoid procrastination for good? 

What seems like a lifetime ago, but it was only 4 years prior to now, my daily life was unique and thrilling that I would spend every waking minute discovering, researching, developing. I’ve been active and energized, soaring high. Around 18 months back, something happened, but I wasn’t sure what had changed. I found myself lying on my sofa watching a TV series or continuously adjusting something about my logo. Instead of doing something that’s significant. I was weighed down by procrastination. The odd thing was that I really cared about my business, but doing the job had become frightening. Until one day during my session with my coach, I was able to explore some of the pitfalls that continuously put me in the lupus of procrastination. 
That was the day I set up and learned some tools to get me out of my slump and put me back on a road. Today, I’m going to share my top three procrastination traps and how to repair them.

Pitfall #1 “I’m going to do the research first” 
My favorite one, that’s the one I loved the most. Why? It’s a super sly one, and it’s disguised as something mysterious, simple, fascinating, fun. It all starts with reading a few posts, but I quickly end up in a content-consumption pit. Really, I began loving doing other things instead of doing my own job.
Way out: Start your day by doing things with high priority.
Have you heard about the book “Eat that frog?” It was adding a brain to my game. Every day begins with “eating the biggest frog” or, as we would like to say, always begin with a high-priority task. And do some research as a treat.

Pitfall #2“I need to be inspired/motivated” 
Back in the good times, I’d barely wait to dive into my projects. My passion must have been limitless! But when my zone was swept over by procrastination, I had periods when I felt I wasn’t able to do anything, I wanted to be there for my clients, my friends, but I didn’t feel like filming a video or going to see my friends. This is a wake-up call! We’re not going to be empowered or driven all the time. There will be moments when enthusiasm is absent, even though we care about something, and we also have to do these things. 
Way out: Just get started!
We may not feel motivated before we start, but after the first step, we will certainly gain strength and encouragement. “Are you going to blow off a meeting with your manager simply because you feel lazy? ” This is surely not the case. So start handling your work and your projects like any other. ***Note: When you mark this on your calendar, the start-up process is smoother.

Pitfall #3 “How do I compare my performance with that? ” 
I love my business, and I’m focused on growth. What happened to me the moment I looked around? When we change our attention from ourselves to see what someone else is doing, we encourage comparisons to our lives. We’re beginning to wonder, ask, analyse. “If she does it this way, would it mean that my way is wrong? “He looks more professional, how my product is going to be sold through”
Way out: It’s time to let the people go. Unfollow and unsubscribe. 
The justification we give “In need to be up-to-date with it” or “Need to know what my competition is doing,” mind, it’s just an excuse. The only thing we need is to reflect rather than judge ourselves for what we are doing. One last fact is this: 

  • The perfect mom on the playground with her three adorable girls. 
  • The effective six-digit business coach 
  • The owner of the famous chain store brands

They’re not worried about me and you at all. They are focused on living their better lives based on their own life values. This is just what we should all do.

Focus on yourself, love yourself, and note that you have the power to influence your actions.
Use this wisely.

7 thoughts on “The power of my life

  1. Thanks for sharing your story with some life tips. I’m looking forward trying some of the way outs.


  2. Thank you for sharing your story. I think we can all find ourselves in it. The solutions always seem so simple. Thank you for making me see through the clouds.


  3. Edison Kuverua Jan 16, 2021 — 6:32 pm

    Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story, it absolutely touch me and I am thrilled to say that it has a huge impact in people lifestyle because so many people live in procrastination rather then get the job done.. keep sharing this types of tips it’s absolutely door opening for others.. Proud of your business…


  4. Hey Dina.. I Love your article, it’s honest coming from the heart and what i loved most is not only you are sharing your experiences with us regarding procrastination but also you are sharing the way out based on your experience and EXpertise.
    You are an amazing Coach and great person.. We would like to see more of your articles..


  5. Jacinta Davida Jan 19, 2021 — 5:04 pm

    Absolutely fantastic…

    Weirdly I procrastinated after I got busy starting to read your article.

    Then I thought to myself tonight wait I’m on my couch let me continue to read this interesting article sent to me.

    Well as you can see I did and how did it give me a absolute wake up slap☺️

    Beautiful written wonderfully said and greatly analyzed…

    Well done Dina it really out of this world 😘


  6. Bonjour dina.thanks for sharing with us your amazing experience I would love to see more article about are t’aime bon courage ma belle ❤


  7. Dear Dina,
    This is so inspiring.. thank you for sharing your story.. ❤️


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