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Live a healthy, prosperous, more fulfilling, passionate and meaningful life – either that means achieving in business, revitalising your relationship or discovering who you really hare. Dina’s one-on-one coaching program, mentoring systems and mastermind groups, will help find your blind spots between where you are and where you want to be.

Life Coaching

How often do you find yourself thinking about a book that inspired you to follow a dream you have set for yourself, but you still don’t take the first move?
If this is a frequent occurrence, then I’m here to tell you that the resolution is simple rather than an impossible fantasy. 
Life coaching is a process that supports the individual in their personal and professional growth as well as helps them find clarity and life balance, all the while supporting them to form their solutions. Nonetheless, a life Coach gives the steering wheel to the client and helps them during the process of the session: not by giving pre-made solutions, but by individualizing the process for the client to be able to help themselves. 


As with most of us, we live life with fears and setbacks that make us reluctant to risk even the simplest things. This much is common knowledge, we strive to live a safe life because that is the most secure. However, Dina managed to help me overcome even my biggest fears. Her approach was very unique, it made me feel like I could accomplish anything. As a result of this, I gained the confidence I was praying for my whole life, it wasn’t given to me, but was developed from a realization of my own shortcomings.

Tina (United Kingdom) – Access Arrangements Coordinator

Dina is an incredible person you can trust. As my personal coach, in each session she manages to help me discover new and unsuspected opportunities, to motivate me to overcome my limiting beliefs and undertake the necessary steps to transform my dreams into plans and to achieve real and visible results. Thank you for your dedication and professionalism!

Gergana (Bulgaria)- Owner of E-Business Academy & Neurographica Trainer

Dina is an astounding coach that gave me the keys to personal success. Both her exceptional listening and natural curiosity helped me rediscover and rethink my life. Dina is sincere and open-minded. Her sessions were a motivation to face life challenges and reach my personal goals. She helped me get over my fears and become a confident person. The positive energy she conveys was an inspiration to take control of my life and become the person I wanted to be. 

Caroline (France)- Medical Student

Let’s find your way forward together

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